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We know healthcare is in a phase of very significant change, driven by tremendous developments in technology, deepening understanding of biology and omni-present concern about cost.


We selected 3 application areas where these issues are clearly relevant and intersecting, and where needs have historically been both imprecisely understood and sub-optimally addressed, and remain underserved today.

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Mountain Range

We are not inventors or investors.


Rather, we work with inventors and investors, and developers of healthcare products (everything except the drug). In our “universe”, we recognize 3 important “galaxies” that need to be fully and systematically explored in order to bring healthcare solutions to market, drive adoption and thereby contribute to healthcare innovation.

Mountain Range

We leverage our experience to deliver real-world strategic and tactical guidance on the critical elements within, and across, the 3 galaxies.  Our guidance is not just theoretical... it is based on our own collective hands-on experiences and our critical observations of what works and, equally importantly, what does not.  


Each of these broad service areas have critical elements that require integration of diverse  expertise:


Needs Analysis

  • Market landscaping

  • Patient journey mapping

  • Comprehensive Stakeholder discovery

  • Competitive landscaping 

Product Development 

  • Regulatory Plan  

  • Risk Management Plan 

  • Design and Development Planning

  • Manufacturability Plan 

Commercialization Strategy

  •  Pricing strategy

    • Cost-in-use analysis

    • Reimbursement Strategy

  • Opinion Leader KOL network development 

  • Partnering strategy and implementation 

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